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  • "LS Nexus has lots of loads, fair rates, and right on time with payment." - Ron M., carrier
  • "They are good to do business with. They load us both ways and it works out good. Good people to work with." - Jesse M., carrier
  • "I really enjoy working for you ‘all because you do what you say you would do. You don’t back out of nothing." - Keith W., driver
  • “I’ve been in this business for 40 years and have heard a lot of things from a lot of people and I never expected to you to follow through on what you said you would do after the load was completed, but you did follow through. I will do business with you again.” - Vickie N.,  carrier
  • We haved hauled many loads for LS Nexus and have always been happy with the loads and rates. Myron, Monica and Michael are great to work with.”  - Denny G., carrier
  • “So far they have been awesome to work with. They have taken calls way after office hours to get me a load and to give info on a load I am delivering. They are always prompt, courteous and easy to communicate with. I would work for them again.” - Jeremy W., carrier
  • Thanks for LS Nexus help.  We will be sure to use you again.” - Alan B., shipper
  • “Great to deal with. Will work for in the future.” - Tony J., carrier    

  • "I want to thank you for all your help with the GA loads and TN load............... I look forward doing business with you in the future." Ken W.

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transportation chain

What We Do

LS Nexus matches transportation supply chain loads with independent transporters to efficiently and effectively get products and materials delivered when and where they are needed.


customer focus

Customer Focus

The customer is the center of all our activities and focus. Every entity in the supply chain depends on its customers and is itself a customer. We all succeed together.

We pride ourselves on exceptional service.


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Our Services

LS NEXUS is headquartered in, and has multiple offices in, Iowa - the center of the United States for trucking and transportation. Our network of truckers and customers covers the country.



For Shippers

Being in the agricultural heartland, we understand the unique needs for grain, meal and other ag transport. We also have vast experience with various commercial load types.



For Transporters

We can provide you recurring loads with dependable customers and we provide excellent service to our transporters. LS NEXUS considers you a partner.


About LS Nexus

green truckLS NEXUS is headquartered in, and has multiple offices in, Iowa - the center of the United States for trucking and other transportation. However, we also have customers of all sizes and qualified carriers throughout the country.

Regardless of load size or content, we have experience in delivering on time wherever you need it.

Whether it is a multi-year relationship you desire or a one-time need, we can provide your transportation needs.


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